What are the Moxee Talk device specifications?

What are the Moxee Talk device specifications?

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      See the chart below for the Moxee Talk battery specifications:
    • How to clean my Moxee Talk?

      When cleaning your Moxee Talk, first turn off the device and unplug from the power source.  DO NOT USE a chemical or abrasive cleanser or you risk damage to the plastic case.  Use an anti-static cloth to clean the device.  The use of a compressed can ...
    • The connection sounds distorted / noisy on my Moxee Talk

      Sometimes the connection quality may be effected by certain conditions.  Here are some tips to try: 1.  If the device is close to another electrical appliance, try moving the Moxee Talk or the other appliance farther away and test again. 2.  Check ...
    • Moxee Talk Quick Start Guide

      See the above attachment for the Moxee Talk Quick Start Guide with both English and Spanish instructions.
    • Moxee Talk FAQ

      Q: Is Moxee Talk VoLTE enabled? A: Yes, Moxee Talk is VoLTE enabled. Q: My carrier is upgrading or making changes to their network this year- will my Moxee Talk still work? A: Even as most carriers prepare for the future of 5G within their networks, ...