What are the Moxee Talk Battery specifications?

What are the Moxee Talk Battery specifications?

See the chart below for the Moxee Talk battery specifications:

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    • How to install the Moxee Talk battery

      With the back cover facing upright, slide the casing in a downward motion to remove the back cover.  Once removed, insert the battery by aligning the metal contacts on the battery with the metal contacts in the battery compartment.  Gently push down ...
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      When cleaning your Moxee Talk, first turn off the device and unplug from the power source.  DO NOT USE a chemical or abrasive cleanser or you risk damage to the plastic case.  Use an anti-static cloth to clean the device.  The use of a compressed can ...
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      See the above attachment for the Moxee Talk Quick Start Guide with both English and Spanish instructions.
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      Manage Voicemail The Moxee Talk can divert calls to voicemail when the home user is not available.  When a voicemail message is waiting there will be a couple of indicators to notify the user: 1. Visual - the voicemail LED indicator on the Moxee Talk ...