Time Stamp on Home Phone is Resetting to a different Time Zone

Time Stamp on Home Phone is Resetting to a different Time Zone

When caller ID is enabled, auto-update sometimes occurs, which can cause the time stamp on your Home Phone to change to the wrong time zone. To fix this issue, you will need to set your home phone's time settings to "Manual".  Please first refer to your Handset's user manual or support for more information on how to do this, as every brand of Handset that can be used with your Moxee Talk will have different short-codes. 

The following example outlines what the process of changing your Handset's time setting to "Manual" may look like: 

If you are using a Panasonic branded handset with your Home Phone, please try this direct command code: 

      [Menu],  followed by #226 

Here is an example, of information on how to set time adjustments to "Manual" that you may find in your Panasonic Portable phone manual: 

If you continue to experience this issue, please always contact your wireless provider.

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