Moxee Automate OBDII dongle + WiFi Hotspot FAQs

Moxee Automate OBDII dongle + WiFi Hotspot FAQs

The Moxee Automate OBDII dongle + hotspot.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Device Details

Q: What are the device dimensions and weight?

A: Size: 75(L) * 52(W) * 26(H) mm

   Weight: 75.4g.


Q: What is the frequency channel.

A:  WCDMA: Band 1/2/4/5

FDD LTE: Band 2/4/12 


Q: What is the Bluetooth type? 

A: Bluetooth type: BT4.0

Q: What is the WiFi protocol?

A: WiFi protocol: 802.11b/g/n 2.4G

Q: What  GPS is supported?

A: GPS support: GPS/AGPS.


Q: What is the power supply voltage? 

A: Supply voltage: 9V16V.

Q: What is the SIM card type and port interface?

  A:    SIM = 3FF SIM card (micro SIM card), OBD-II


Q: What are the LED lights on the device?

A:    Power indicator:

Green Blinking-----Powered by the internal battery

Green Solid-----Powered by the vehicle battery

Network indicator

Red-----Turned on but not activated for connectivity

Green Solid-----Register to network but no data transfer

Green Blinking-----Connected to the network and data is transferring.

Device Installation

Q: How do I install my device?

A: Locate your OBD-II port, you are ready to install the SD6200. Align the device with your port and firmly plug it in. The device should fit snugly.

Tip: Never install your device in an underground parking lot or in an area of weak cellular coverage. The device needs to establish its first connection to the network to complete the setup.  The device installation guide included with your purchase also has step by step instructions.


Q: Do I need to start a trip once the device is installed?

A: It is advised to take a quick drive around the block.  At a minimum, turn on the ignition for 30 seconds.  The device needs to establish a cellular connection and generate a GPS lock. Go for a 10 minute drive to finish setting up your device. The device application you are using will notify you once a successful connection is established.

Distracted driving is never OK. Do not use your phone while driving.

Tip: Do not unplug the device within the first 24 hours after installation.

 Device WiFi Settings

Q: How do I access the advanced WiFi settings?

A: To configure your Wi-Fi network, please use the 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Configuration Page.

Launch an Internet browser on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and enter in the address bar. Press ‘Go’ or ‘Enter’.

Enter the default password: admin. You can also use the last 8 digits of your IMEI number.  You will be prompted to change your password upon the initial login.  Use a password you can remember.

Note: You will need to be connected to the Wi-Fi Hotspot network in order to access the configuration page.

Tip: Ensure that you have a qualifying mobile Internet plan with Wi-Fi hotspot. Most carrier telematics only plans do not include mobile Internet for the in-car Wi-Fi hotspot.


Q: How do I manage the WiFi access?

A: Enable ‘Allowed Devices’ to prevent unapproved devices from connecting to your Wi-Fi Hotspot. When enabled, only the MAC addresses listed in the ‘Allowed Devices’ information section can access your Wi-Fi Hotspot Network. From the 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Configuration Page:

. Select Settings > Wi-Fi Settings

. Set Allowed Devices Switch to On, and click ‘Apply’

. Enter the Nickname and MAC Address

. Click or Press ‘Apply’

Note: To prevent a device from connecting to your Wi-Fi Hotspot, click or press ‘Remove’ in the operation column for a given device.


Q: How do I activate the Data Roaming option?

A: Follow the below steps:

1.       Connect to the named SSID hotspot over Wi-Fi; The back label of the device has the SSID and password.

2.       Open your browser and go to;

3.       Log in as Administrator, the default Admin login is: admin; if you have already updated the login, please use the new password.

4.       Select Settings > Network Settings;

5.       In 'WAN Connection Mode Settings,' click Check here to connect to internet in the roaming status to enable / disable;

6.       Click Apply.

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