How do I login to my Moxee Hotspot / WebUI?

How do I login to my Moxee Hotspot / WebUI?

To login and make administrative settings to your Moxee Hotspot, you must be connected via Wi-Fi to your Moxee Hotspot. 
  1. Open your browser and navigate to A login prompt will appear
  2. The default username: admin and the password: 12$XXX where XXX is the last three of the Moxee Hotspot IMEI (found on the label in the battery compartment)
  3. Once logged in, you are in the WebUI and can customize items such as SSID, your WiFi passwords, connection settings and more. 
It is strongly recommended to change the default password during the first login in order to prevent unauthorized access to your hotspot!

Important: If your Hotspot has been provided to you by a school district, community/government service, employer, or someone else and you are having difficulty logging into WebUI, you will need to contact your wireless provider for assistance. Resetting your Hotspot and/or using default credentials outlined above will not work with devices that are not a personal purchase. 
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