Getting Started on Moxee Tablet

Getting Started on Moxee Tablet

Before getting started:
Before first use, the battery should be charged completely. 
To charge the device: 
1. Insert the USB Type C charging cable into the USB charger port. 
2. Plug the charging head into the power outlet. 
3. Remove charging cable from the charger port when charging is complete. 

Note: Please use the charging cable that came with the Tablet. Using other charging cables may damage battery or cause other hazards. 

The device's back cover and battery are non-removable. Attempting to remove either one will invalidate the device warranty. 

First time set up:
When you power on the device for the first time, follow the on screen instructions that appear. These instructions will guide you through the basic setting options. 

1. Tap the bold down arrow to choose the system language from the list, then tap START
2. Set up an available Wi-Fi Network then tap NEXT, or tap SKIP
3. Set Date & time then tap NEXT
4. Read Google Services and tap ACCEPT to continue steps. 
5. Set the screen lock to protect the device or tap SKIP if you would like to set it later. 
6. Read Accelerated Location service, check Location Consent and tap NEXT
7. Tap FINISH to complete setup steps

Check out "Customize your Home screen"  or "Customize Tablet Settings" for next steps to getting your Tablet customized for use.

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